About Our Company

Sakhawat Commercial Brokers LLC was established in 2006 in Dubai, U.A.E. with a mission to become the regions leading supply house.

Sakhawat Commercial Brokers has positioned itself to respond positively to any demand in the emerging Middle East market, based on its ability to call upon its network of worldwide contacts to provide superior goods and services. Our main business activities have been in, Consumer Electronics & Household Appliances, Paper, Steel and Petroleum products.

The objective of Sakhawat Commercial Brokers is to build long term relationship with their clients based on management knowledge and certainty in the respective market by delivering value products and services at competitive prices.

We are committed to constantly improvement in every market segment we serve and to adding tangible value to our customers and vendors.

Future plans for the company includes expanding vertically and horizontally to offer an even wider variety of products and services that meet the increasing demands.

The services offered by Sakhawat Commercial Brokers are fully encompassing and comprehensive due to the many years of experience in international trading, guaranteeing the timely delivery of a multitude of service to any destination.